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Dementia Care: Tips for Successful Communication with a Loved One


Dementia is a progressive disease that is characterized by the loss of cognitive functioning. When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, their memory, reasoning, and ability to communicate are affected. Hence, individuals with dementia often require home care services to fulfill their needs.

As a trusted provider of senior care in Vermont, we will share effective tips to help ease communication with a loved one who has dementia:

  • Reduce potential distractions.
    Before speaking to a loved one with dementia, set up the space for the conversation to take place. Look for a quiet and comfortable spot at home and reduce potential distractions. This may include a television that’s turned on or an open window. Distractions like these can make daily conversation easier and less overwhelming for someone with dementia.
  • Speak naturally and use non-verbal cues.
    In addition to seeking dementia care, communicating effectively by speaking naturally in clear, concise language. Use a calm, friendly tone and use non-verbal cues. Subtle body movements may indicate how your loved one is feeling.
  • Provide a few different options.
    When asking questions, try to provide a few options for your loved one. For instance, if you are asking what they want to eat for lunch, provide 2-3 options instead of asking an open-ended question. This will make it easier for them to make a decision and will make daily interactions less overwhelming.

At Hope Home Care Services, we believe there is no place quite like home. That is why we provide high-quality home care in Bethel, Vermont to enable older adults to remain safely at home. Through non-medical home care, seniors receive the right level of care and support to age comfortably in place. Reach out to us for more information.

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