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Dementia: Separating the Facts from Fiction


Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be frightening. What can make it even more frightful, though, is the misconceptions that have been surrounding it for years. These can add to the stress that patients and families are already going through. As a result, the importance of keeping such misconceptions at bay cannot be emphasized enough. That is where we at Hope Home Care Services, a premier provider of home care services in Vermont, can help!

As experts in senior care in Vermont, we are well-equipped to help you to separate the facts from fiction regarding dementia. Below are a few of the many examples:

  • Dementia is an illness

    Dementia is not a form of illness. It is an umbrella term for thinking and memory skills that have degraded to the point of having difficulty with everyday tasks. As the symptoms progress, patients will require increased help from care services like ours.

  • Dementia is inherited

    Although lines of evidence have demonstrated that there are a few, rare types of dementia with a strong genetic link, the vast majority of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease cases are not passed down through families.

  • Dementia is an inevitable outcome of aging

    While it is true that memory decline is to be expected at advanced ages, dementia is certainly not a natural aspect of aging. It just becomes more frequent as individuals age, much like other chronic health conditions.

If you want to gain further insight into Alzheimer’s & dementia, let us know!

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