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Dementia and Communication: How to Set the Mood


Successful communication with a dementia patient is not a walk in the park. And knowing how to communicate with them does not happen overnight. Setting a positive mood when communicating with dementia patients is vital. How can you do that? Read more below.

  • Be pleasant and respectful

    When communicating with Alzheimer’s & dementia patients, remember it’s not all about the words. Your attitude, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice matter, too! Set a positive mood for interaction, and always be pleasant and respectful when you convey your message.

  • Convey a clear message

    Use simple words and sentences to state your message clearly. Avoid talking fast and speak in a reassuring tone. If you need to repeat the statement or question, repeat it calmly. If your loved ones are receiving senior care in Vermont, their caregivers are well-trained in providing proper dementia care and equipped with good communication skills!

  • Channel affection and reassurance

    It’s essential to note that patients with dementia feel confused, anxious, and disoriented. To deal with this, respond with verbal and physical expressions of comfort, support, and reassurance. You can also try to hold their hands or hug them. For dementia care professionals, part of home care in Vermont is knowing how to communicate properly with patients!

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